kevin1 Role: JMI team.

Location: Addison, PA

Telephone: +1-814-395-9509

Title:   CEO, President, Owner

Kevin Juergensen, President of Juergensen Marine, Inc. was one of the early adopters of rebreather technology.  In 1995, he took delivery of a Mark 16 Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreather from BioMarine Instruments (now defunct) of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Juergensen was only the sixth civilian to possess one of these units, which are used primarily by Western naval forces.  Mr. Juergensen began his rebreather career using this rebreather as a Writer/Producer/Director of more than 50 films, many of which were underwater documentaries for the Discovery Channel. Juergensen Marine, Inc. is part of the Juergensen Group of companies, which includes Juergensen Defense Corporation, which builds and supplies Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreather controllers and equipment for Military applications.  Mr. Juergensen’s background includes 16 years in the rebreather manufacturing sector, as well as more than 20 years in the Television Production business, through ownership of Pacific Media Associates, the former Pacific Film & Video Group, and Pacific Media Post, Inc.