Juergensen Marine, Inc. and Silent Thrill Limited would like to introduce to you the HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the Hammerhead-user experience as well as to ensure continuous and reliable supply of the consumables, we are now offering the new HH22 sensor.

Silent Thrill is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive partner responsible for the marketing and distribution of the HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor worldwide. In addition, we are pleased to appoint Dive Addicts as our exclusive North American dealer for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The Juergensen Marine HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor completely meets the requirements of the Hammerhead CCR and electronics including the Rev C and Rev D versions, and any of the previous models compatible with the R22D-type sensor specification. The sensor features the standard M16 x 1 mm thread, 3-pin Molex connector with output in air at the surface between 9-13 mV, and a response time of less than 5 seconds. Full specification is available here.

Now available in the recently redesigned online store for Silent Thrill Limited and for those located in the North American region, Dive Addicts online store. The sensors come with a standard 12-month warranty. For general questions and sales inquiries, please Contact us directly.

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PADI Officials state, “The DiveRite O2ptima rebreather meets the key features of a Type T rebreather and has successfully undergone a set of minimum WOB (Work of Breathing) breathing performance safety tests in line with the CE Standard (EN14143). We have checked the Type T requirements against the O2ptima rebreather’s performance and found that they meet PADI’s Type T standards in full.”

Juergensen Marine Inc., is proud to partner our Hammerhead Electronics with the DiveRite O2ptima rebreather to bring the highest standard of safety to keep divers as safe as being deep underwater can be

Here’s what people are saying:

Paul Cunningham
July 18, 2012

The new Rev D Primary display is excellent with many built in features. The newly designed DIVA allows for PO2 information and HUD Decompression. Small breathing loop give great response. A very well built machine….Good job Lamar, and Kevin for the electronics !

Eduardo Macedo

July 19, 2010

Great! One of the best CCR to Overhead environment or decompressions open water dives. The REV-D and new DIVA is amazing!!!


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Juergensen Marine Inc. is happy to announce we have donated a Hammerhead Closed Circuit Rebreather to Rebreather World. This is Juergensen Marine’s second year to donate a rebreather and encourages all to visit www.rebreatherworld.com to enter for a chance to win.

Randy Thornton of Dive Addicts  has also thrown in a Hammerhead CCR course worth $1595.00 to the winner of the Hammerhead ECCR!!!!!

GRAND VALUE at $11,995.00

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!! Join so many other divers who enjoy one of the most advanced closed circuit mixed gas rebreathers in the commercial rebreathing market to date. Innovative, functional and effective, it is the obvious choice for a technical diver’s eCCR.



Ask us about our new Mark 15.x Secondary with Deco from Juergensen Marine, Inc.P1010004


Here is the new Hammerhead CCR Extreme:

More news soon!


The United States Navy has chosen the JUERGENSEN DEFENSE CORPORATION “Mark V Control System” for the Next generation Underwater Breathing Apparatus (“NUBA”). The new system, dubbed the Mark 16 Mod 2 (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and Mark 16 Mod 3 (Naval Special Warfare) will be entering service starting in 2008. These units join the venerable Carleton Technologies NATO Viper E already in service.

To learn more – visit the JUERGENSEN DEFENSE CORP. Website

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Jakub Rehacek from Golem Gear shows off the Hammerhead CCR in this video from RBW/ADM.