Hammerhead eCCR Design Notes

The Hammerhead eCCR was developed using years of experience operating and servicing many types of OC and CCR systems. We saw things we liked, things that we didn’t but most importantly things we knew we could do better. So we set out to produce the worlds best rebreather and the Hammerhead eCCR’s are the current results of our quest.

The current range of eCCR’s in service are:


What IS NOT in a Hammerhead eCCR

There are NO batteries within the breathing loop.

The lithium battery is an important part of any dive system. They however do not belong inside the closed gas supply on which you rely. Lithium batteries host hazards which cannot be permitted inside the loop, so the Hammerhead eCCR’s have none. If something goes wrong with the battery, the gas supply will not be contaminated.

There are NO electronics within the breathing loop.

The high humidity environment of the breathing loops is extremely harsh on electrical components, so we expose as little as possible to it. Only an inexpensive and easily replaceable banana block is found in the Hammerhead’s breathing loop, making corrosion much less likely to cause critical issues to the control system. As well as making it a breeze to refurbish the heads electrical system back to factory new when the need arises.

There is NO excess moisture passed over O2 cells

Both Hammerheads CCRs are designed to have advanced condensation controlling air flow paths.  This design is meant to limit the amount of condensation able to form on the o2 cells and banana block. The Hammerhead Extreme adds to this with its removable o2 sensor cartridge. Making it easier to remove and replace the o2 sensors when the time arrives.


What IS in a Hammerhead CCR.

Low work of breathing. Our CCR’s use a combination of shorten breathing hoses, lungs, oversized couples, scrubbers and specially designed internal paths to minimize the restriction to the breathing loop’s flow.

Q B M. Our Head’s features an industry unique Quick Bayonet Mounting system that eliminates the need for clips or screw tops. This system facilitates easy tool-less head installation and removal.

C L C. Hammerheads also feature industry unique breathing loop Click (or Cam) Lock Couple. Instead of time consuming and sometimes hard to operate threaded connections our couples are designed to securely lock in under a half of turn. When the couple is in the locked position the detent button clicks into place, locking the couple’s rotation and giving a visual ‘locked’ cue. The sealing is done by TWO barrel sealing o rings.  Unlike the clip-locking style available on other equipment, the JM CLC’s offer a stout cam system, three cam path for the exhale and four cam path for the inhale, making it one of the most secure couples on the market.

The 4th cell. All of our Hammerhead CCR’s incorporated the flexibility of a 4th O2 cells as well as a completely independent tertiary monitoring ports for unsurpassed controller flexibility.