Intelligent Designs


“The Hammerhead reeks of quality” – Anonymous Costumer


The Philosophy at Juergensen Marine orbits one basic truth: Diving is Dangerous.  However where some might use it as a crutch to vindicate shortcomings, we use it as reason to make our equipment in the first place. Keeping the Diver alive has and will always be our prime directive. We strive to make our system as secure as possible to keep divers as safe as being deep underwater can be.

We design our equipment with everything from common mistakes to the one in a million problems in mind, if we see a solution we take every effort to incorporate it our systems. We will also make every effort to update, modify, reconfigure or even trash any of our designs if they prove to be lacking the Juergensen quality or safety. We aren’t hung up on our own ego’s enough to say it can’t be done better.

The Juergensen Promise is your Hammerhead will be safest system we can give you, no short cuts, no compromises, no excuses.

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