n.  A high precision device designed to verify the linearity of Oxygen Sensors designed by the creative geniuses at Juergensen Marine.

 The Juergensen Remobulator is in essence an o2 sensor test apparatus. However instead of testing the millivolt range of an o2 sensor at 1 ATM, it tests it at a simulated depth.  We have found in our years of experience, a dying cell may not show unless it is subject to pressurized gas measurement. A bad cell can output correctly at 1 ATM, however will generate bogus values as the pressure (and pp02 values) increase. And remember, in voting logic two bad cells showing low will vote the good one out.

It works by creating a pressure vessel with either the Hammerhead Classic or Extreme Heads. The breathing loop ports are plugged and the pp02 calculator is attached. Once the head is pressurized the eCCR controllers are compared to the Remobulator pp02 reading.

The Remobulator also serves as a testing device for the eCCR controllers. Because it is a standalone measurement tool it can also be used to proof the controller’s calibration or overall functionality.