Hammerhead Extreme

If the Hammerhead Classic is ‘The Best’, the Hammerhead Extreme is better. With updated designs to improve functionality and operation, the JM Hammerhead Extreme CCR expands the rock solid design of the Classic.

Dimensions: 7.5” Dia x 23” (Tall canister)

Key Features

  • Compact and more ergonomic design
  • Pre Scrubber O2 Injection
  • Click Lock breathing loop Couples
  • Industry unique Quick Bayonet Mount
  • Quick disconnect tank hostlers
  • 3 Primary O2 sensor cells standard
  • Primary, Secondary, DIVA outputs standard
  • 4th O2 sensor cell with additional eCCR Monitor output  Standard
  • 3 Canister, 2 Scrubber and 5 lung options, standard
  • Built in O2 filter protection for solenoid
  • Easily replaceable solenoid
  • Replaceable banana block for o2 sensor connections
  • Removable and swappable o2 sensor cartridge
  • Ultra reliable JMI ADV and Manual Add Valves



All Hammerhead CCR can be internal configured for just about any combination of controller’s on the market. The standard HH configuration is as follows:

Primary controller: Monitoring cells 1 through 3 and firing the solenoid

Secondary controller: Redundant monitoring of cells 1 through 3 and Powering the DIVA

(Optional) Tertiary controller: Monitoring Cell 4

Like its Classic sibling the Hammerhead CCR Extreme makes it easy to add any third party monitoring computers as tertiary ppO2 monitor. The 4th O2 cell and spare output comes standard on all of our eCCR Heads. We stand behind our HH eCCr Controllers, however we also want you to feel confidant underwater and to do so give you the option to dive with any computer you wish.




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