DIVA Extreme

Similar to the JM DIVA Classic; The DIVA Extreme combines simple Go/ No Go light feedback with our patented flash sequences and vibration warning alarm eliminating the need of constant eCCR Controller monitoring. However this is where the similarities stop.

Dimensions: 0.8” Dia x 3.0” long (excluding bracket)

Display/Output: Red, Green, Blue, Buddy lamp (Red, White), Vibration


The new DIVA Extreme is the next generation of Display Integrated Vibrating Alarm.  We’ve taken the DIVA idea and pack on a few new features making this DIVA much more than just a heads-up display.

Key Features

  • Durable Lexan/ 316 Stainless Steel Housing
  • Removable or hard plumed Connection options
  • PPO2 monitoring mode
  • Set Point Mode
  • Vibrational alert for critical warnings
  • Adjustable Mounting bracket
  • DIVA DECO Lamps and Display options
  • Buddy Lamp Feature
  • Signal Feature
  • Emergency Beacon Feature
  • Flashlight Feature


The DIVA Extreme can also be set to indicate stops during DECO. This feature uses its own LED cluster and sequence so the DIVA will still preform its system monitoring duties while displaying the Full DECO information. This system allows the Diver ‘wrist unit free’ DECO information.


All the DIVA Extreme Features are user definable on the driving controller’s display.

The DIVA has one job, to save your life.  With this system in place you can truly enjoy your dive with peace in mind knowing your systems status in real time, at any time.







Rev D / Diva Extreme Demo

Narrated by the mastermind behind it all, Kevin Juergensen.


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