DIVA Classic

The JM Display Integrated Vibrating Alarm (DIVA for short) is the most revolutionary heads-up display available.  Combining simple Go/ No Go light feedback with our patented flash sequences and vibration warning alarm, the DIVA eliminates the need for confusing beep warnings or constant eCCR Controller monitoring. The Juergensen DIVA allows the diver to know the state of the systems in real time, at any time.

Dimensions: 0.5” Dia x 2.5” long (excluding bracket)

Display/ Outputs: Green, Amber, Red, Vibration


Key Features

  • Durable Lexan/ 316 Stainless Steel Housing
  • Removable or hard plumed Connection options
  • PPO2 monitoring Mode
  • Set Point Mode
  • Patented flash sequences communication codes
  • Vibrational alert for critical warnings



The JM DIVA has one job in the water, to PERSONALLY alert you when your set needs attention.  When it has to do its job it’s an invaluable piece of the diving system.


“This thing saved my life…” T.G. Diver



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