PADI Officials state, “The DiveRite O2ptima rebreather meets the key features of a Type T rebreather and has successfully undergone a set of minimum WOB (Work of Breathing) breathing performance safety tests in line with the CE Standard (EN14143). We have checked the Type T requirements against the O2ptima rebreather’s performance and found that they meet PADI’s Type T standards in full.”

Juergensen Marine Inc., is proud to partner our Hammerhead Electronics with the DiveRite O2ptima rebreather to bring the highest standard of safety to keep divers as safe as being deep underwater can be

Here’s what people are saying:

Paul Cunningham
July 18, 2012

The new Rev D Primary display is excellent with many built in features. The newly designed DIVA allows for PO2 information and HUD Decompression. Small breathing loop give great response. A very well built machine….Good job Lamar, and Kevin for the electronics !

Eduardo Macedo

July 19, 2010

Great! One of the best CCR to Overhead environment or decompressions open water dives. The REV-D and new DIVA is amazing!!!


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