Frequently Asked Questions


‘What configuration/option for electronics do I have?’

Short answer: anything you can dream up…

Popular standard JMI Factory options include

  • Primary and Secondary Rev C+, with DIVA Classic (Dual Rev C+)
  • Primary and Secondary Rev D, with DIVA Extreme (Dual Rev D)
  • Primary Rev D, Secondary Rev C+, DIVA Classic
  • Primary Rev D, Secondary Rev C+, DIVA Extreme (DIVA powered from Primary with Solenoid)
  • Primary Rev C+, Secondary Rev D, DIVA Extreme

These of coarse do not included our 4th cell option which can always be added into the configurations.


‘Does a Classic Head limit my electronics options?’

No. You will only miss out on the advanced features the Extreme offers.


‘What IS NOT included with the purchase of a Hammerhead eCCR?’

We do not supply O2 cells, Sorb, Harness/ backer plates, or a diving wing.  However we will give you our current recommendations if you need assistance finding the finial pieces of your rig.


More to come. Feel free to ask us your own questions, Contact Us